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Another Day, Another Dollar - I Has A Tail! — LiveJournal
April 17th, 2013
11:22 am


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Another Day, Another Dollar
I dislike my job. But I do enjoy being able to pay my bills. What a conundrum.

They're giving us a new schedule where we're working 44 hours instead of the 40 we are now. This won't really affect my furry schedule or anything like that since my co-workers are pretty chill about letting me go early if I need to. But I kind of feel like the extra hours, combined with the extra work we have to do selling furniture now (the furniture salesperson recently left the company and she hasn't been replaced yet) kind of makes me want to solicit a raise.

Not to mention the rate of inflation has made what I made then about $150 less than what I make now.

But then work starts tossing around the word layoffs and each day I see my boss he just talks about how crummy business is. And the "numbers" they give us for my store to be profitable sits at $2200 in sales each day. We're lucky to crack $1000 in a day.

I kind of want to just quit and go to school full time, or even quit and go for a part time job somewhere. But I'm scared to mess with my finances. I feel like I'm on a tight rope already. The only real expenditures I can alter are for my entertainment and food and I feel like those are the only things that bring any variety to my life. I don't eat steak that often (once every few months) and my biggest protein is chicken (although I can make a smashing lemon pepper chicken, tell you what). And my entertainment consists of mostly eating out with friends, or the odd video game here and there.

Hopefully this refinance on my house takes a little stress off that big mortgage payment each month. Going from 5% to 3.5% and getting a much better homeowners insurance rate out of it. After that is finally wrapped up I'll go over my finances and really try to get everything down to a science.

I need to get better at planning things. I'm too often improvising with important things in my life.

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Date:April 17th, 2013 06:56 pm (UTC)
You have my sympathy. I feel more and more tempted every day to change my lifestyle - find different work with a more flexible schedule and do something entrepreneurish.

But it's so risky. And I'd need 3-6 months -at least- to prepare to leave this job without fucking the company & my friends.

The stakes are even higher these days because Kittrel and I have moved in together and we depend on each other. If I make a bad career decision it can disrupt my life AND hers. I can't only think about myself.

That thought gets even more complicated considering that Kittrel's new job and all of my prior commitments have left us very little time to spend together anyway. I'm hoping the situation improves.
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