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Short Weekend - I Has A Tail! — LiveJournal
April 16th, 2013
12:08 pm


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Short Weekend
My weekends are Tuesday and Wednesday. I only get off today since I had to switch around my Wednesday to get off Sunday for the LAN party and Furthemore.

So a 6 day work week coming up. Bleh.

My refinance should be complete on the 24th hopefully. I'm ready to sign my life away again for another 30 years.

Today is filled with pretty simple stuff, laundry, dishes, eating, studying, and fucking around at the end of it. I woke up late so a lot of my day has been thrown away already. Stayed up way to late playing some Railroad Tycoon 2. :P

Kickball game tomorrow! First one, and I'm still kind of sore from practice on Saturday. Did I mention I joined a kickball league last month?

Let's go!

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